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We encourage and equip Christian business owners and chief executive officers (CEOs) to operate their businesses and conduct their personal lives according to biblical principles in pursuit of Christ's eternal objectives.

Any Christian business owner or CEO is welcome to fellowship with us. There are no dues or participation requirements.

CBOF is an interdenominational Christian ministry that, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, comes alongside owners in their business.

CBOF ministers to business owners by encouraging them to:


  • Conduct their businesses and personal lives according to God's Biblical principles.

  • Share the love of God through Jesus Christ and His message of salvation to those around them.


Five key words define our focus and intentions: Fellowship, Relationships, Encouragement, Stewardship, and Accountability. We believe that whatever our business in the marketplace, it should be used as a platform for ministry.

Randy Vesco introduces the mission of CBOF


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