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CBOF Fellowship Dinner with Mark Alder

Thursday, October 17, 2019



  • For business, his “super measure” is 10 calls – 3 facts – 1 sale (10-3-1). Reading the bible is his super measure for is faith. Bill Koptis invited him to study the bible years ago and it has become his most reliable counselor.


  • Mark grew up in a “fake it until you make it,” or “spend it until you make it” business environment.


  • Many people don’t know what it means to “own the risk” of a business. Fortunately, his dad financed his first business, and this set up a borrower – servant relationship.


  • And, years ago, tithing was an issue for Mark.


  • Incorporating Herbruck Alder formally set up the agency for eventual sale and succession


  • Mark is equally yoked with his wife, but not with his business partners


  • Shares his faith with people via his actions and through examples and stories


  • Has become less judgmental of others, especially those that are not believers


  • Be anxious for nothing and present requests to God


  • Self-inflicted wounds

    • Pride, arrogance, selfishness, envy


  • Need to be content


  • Need to treat others with respect. 2 Peter 5: make every effort …


  • His aunt gave him his first bible in 1967 – The Living Bible


  • The bible changed him


  • Billy Graham ’72 locked him into his relationship with Jesus


  • Character is built in situations of reduction – i.e. when he didn’t get hired in college by a recruiter


  • Meet people on a favorable basis – for business and for sharing of faith


  • How do we take care of our employees?  Ask people questions and get to know them.

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