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Overview of CBOF and our mission

Overview of CBOF in tri-fold format

Explanation of what it actually means to operate a "Christian business."

A great backgrounder on the ministry.

A primer for Christian business owners and CEOs

Do you have on your "game-face" or "grace-face" when dealing with customers, vendors and employees? Do they leave you feeling graced or stressed?

Conflict resolution can be difficult at times, especially in a work setting. What does God's Word have to say about handling these situations?

A summary of the intended construct and operation of COAs.

A step-by-step how to guide.

A link to the website of the book by the same name; a great story of one Christian CEO's journey: John Beckett of Beckett Industries.

The definitive "how to" book for Christian business owners and CEOs.

The author's website. The book is a wonderful collection of short stories of how high-profile Christian CEOs dealt with common business challenges.

Website of Walt Wiley, one of the best teachers of the principles of Christian business.

An essential resource for searching the bible.

Website for the largest oranization in the world designed for Christian business owners and CEOs.

Website of the book of the same name. A site abounding in resources for Christians.

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