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Fellowship Groups

The role of a business owner and/or CEO is often a lonely one.
Fellowship with other Christian CEOs can make it easier to face
these challenges.

Fellowship Groups are meeting at the following places:


Far Westside

Location: Chelko Consulting Group - 24651 Center Ridge Rd., Westlake

Facilitator(s): Rick Chelko

Time: 2nd and 4th Thursdays from 7-8 AM

Contact: Rick Chelko - 440-892-2600 x102




Location: Zion Industries, Plant 2 - 6229 Grafton Rd, Valley City

Facilitator(s): Bobby Puls

Time: Fridays from 7-8 AM

Contact: Bobby Puls - 330-225-3246



Start a New Fellowship Group

CBOF would like to add additional Fellowship groups. All it takes is you, and a fellow Christian business owner or CEO. Matthew 18:20 - "Where two or three are gathered in my name..." At times, we are already connected to another owner or CEO on some level in our local church family, or serving together in a volunteer ministry. If you would be interested in hosting a fellowship group at your office, church or a local breakfast or lunch venue, please contact us for a starter pack of group discussion materials and recommended meeting format. We would be excited to have one of our advisory team members help you through the process of starting the group, and help you to connect with other Christian owned companies in your area. As iron sharpens iron!

Peer Advisor Teams

A Peer Advisor Team (PAT) is a small group of two or three experienced Christian business leaders, who share the value system of the CEO. 

Meetings and Counsel

The PAT meets with the CEO on a regular or ad hoc basis to share the needs of the company and the CEO and bring sound Biblical advice and counsel to both. They are not constituted as a legal Board of Directors, but serve in an advisory capacity without legal authority or responsibility for the decisions of the CEO. They do not make decisions for the CEO or the company. They offer their personal business expertise and Biblical understanding for the benefit of a Christian CEO committed to run a company on Biblical principles.


The Goals of a Peer Advisor Team
Perspective: Maintaining a Biblical perspective in the operation of the company. Biblical perspective is built on the foundation of God’s sovereign grace. A belief system, from a Biblical perspective requires some understanding of Servant Leadership, Covenantal Relationships and Sanctified Stewardship. Your personal “belief system” (perspective) will always be reflected in your actions and behavior in the company and your personal life.

Encouragement: Being a constant resource for support and hope for Christian CEOs. The marketplace is a minefield of potential discouragement. Having two or three persons available to share on an intimate, peer level can be a significant source of encouragement to a Christian CEO. Biblical encouragement is more than a pat on the back and a brief prayer. It is sharing God’s unconditional love and acceptance with another person in need. That action must be focused on replacing the fear in a person with the love of God.

Accountability: Offering a resource for personal and corporate accountability. Nobody likes it. Everybody needs it. Personal accountability requires that we willingly give another person authority to hold us accountable for specific things in our lives. We must be willing to submit to another person as a matter of choice. No one can assume to have authority in a relationship of accountability without this understanding. 

Action: Business and spiritual excellence is the central focus for a PAT group. Excellence in business has an absolute standard: the character of God Himself. It also has a relative dimension in the fact that the personal character of the believer is one way God reflects His excellence in the world. Believers are called to a life of excellence in Christ believing that "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as if you were working for the Lord, not for men".

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